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  • Latest Settlements
    Client/RAF Case Number Injuries Amount
    A Jiri 26335/15 Injuries to left wrist, fracture to the femur, right calcaneus compound fracture, injuries to right ankle, cervical vertebrae fracture. R1,820 105-50
    E Mogotsi 6318/15 Concussion and oedema of cervical spinal cord, Tetraplegia; cervical spine central cord syndrome with Quadriplegia. R2,606 891-00
    S B Mavuso 41698/2015 Injuries to head, fractured humerus, fractured left femur, fractured left knee, fractured spine, fractures to left side ribs, injury to left ankle, fracture to left sided pelvis, large laceration to left elbow, injury to abdomen, injuries to left hand and wrist, numerous facial lacerations and abrasions. R2,125 716-80
  • 2014 Settlements
    Client/RAF Case Number Injuries Amount
    W Bester 84510/14 Fractures to left radius and Ulna, fractures to fingers on both hands, serious further injuries to fingers (palmar aspect and dorsal aspect) R1,580 147-00
    W Feyt 45247/14 Serious injuries as well as fractures to both arms, injuries to the back, injury to neck. R4,203 459-00
    H Kwak 72244/14 Serious fractures to right tibia, injuries to lower right limb. R1,487 089-60
    J W C De Wet 8929/14 Fractured lower leg and ankle, open wounds to ankle and foot, fracture of feet, abrasions to right side of lower back, injury to head. R2,044 028-15
    D J Du Pont 14141/14 Diaphragmatic hernia, injuries to liver and spleen, serious injuries to the left thorax. R1,093 943-00
    R Botha 28842/14 Injury to head; Glasgow Coma scale 14/15, Left radius fracture. R1,284 297-28
    B L Mahlangu 67130/14 Fractured pelvis, contusions of left hand and wrist, multiple superficial injuries to lower left leg, contusion of eyelid as well as periocular contusion, traumatic cerebral oedema, soft tissue injuries to lower right limb. R8,177 730-85
  • 2013 settlements
    Client/RAF Case Number Injuries Amount
    AT Khanye/RAF 41524/2013 Injury to the bilateral femur; Injury to the tight humorous R3,843 191-61
    J G Hermann 58010/13 Injuries to right wrist, Injuries to lower lumbar spine, Major injury to left femur. R6,110 600-00
    E Fuhri/RAF 50074/2013 Degloving skull laceration; Laceration over right eyebrow; Multiple other wounds on the neck, chest and face; Left fore-arm and L tibia; Right fore-arm; Spinal compression fracture of T8; Severe head Injury R 3,203 953-00
    JP van Zyl 26945/2013 Right tibia fracture; Broken nose R1,115 871-00
    TJ Quaite 3699/2013 Open left fibula fracture; Right shoulder (humeral head) fracture and dislocation; Left humerus fracture; Left tibia fracture R1,336 811-00
    AJ van der Westhuizen 35466/2013 Plateau fracture of the left tibia R5,559 345-00
    R Heath 43651/2013 Abrasions and lacerations to the left arm, hand and fingers; Torn ligaments to the left arm; Loss of all function to the left hand's index and middle fingers; Dislocated right shoulder, Right elbow fracture type injury; A skin transplant to the left hand R2,438 685-00
    TM Ngwana 25270/2013 Right femur fracture; Pelvic fracture R2,891 385-75
    DC Klynsmith 60993/2013 Severed anterior ligament to right knee; Loss of income R2,075 226-00
    JH van Loggrenberg 20961/2013 Head injury; Broken both wrists R1,100 769-53
    PW Potgieter 36254/2013 "Open book" pelvic fracture; Laceration on the right side of the scrotum and perineum; Broken left femur R1,499 146-00
    JJ Basson 36910/2013 Severe head injury; Right patella fracture; A close left lateral malleolus fracture; A broken shaft of the left fibula; Subluxation of the lumbar vertebra L1/L2 R1,777 240-00
    F Chikuse 36907/2013 Fracture of acetabulum (pelvis); Dislocation of femur head R4,217 836-12
    H J Krugel 6548/13 Fractured both legs R1,097 221-00
    R Nell 7174/2013 Fractured Left Leg, Fractured Right Clavicle. R1,097 221-00
    F M Nkosi 8698/13 Severe Spinal Injury R1,683 721-55
    L Mabasa 3647/2013 Severe head and Neck injuries. R1,306 707-00
    C Morena 5365/2013 Fracture of the pelvis. R1,198 655-00
    V L Dludlu 2119/13 Fractured Left Leg. R2,106 000-00
    S S Bestbier 3645/2013 Severe injuries to right knee, fractured right knee. R1,414 714-00
    E Mthombe 3646/2013 Severe fractures to humerus, tibia/fibula, ulna/radius, injuries to both knees. R1,374 294-00
    M Nieuwoud obo A J 3649/13 Brain injury, broken collar bone, broken left femur, and broken left hand. R1,820 800-00
    E Malaza 15328/2013 Severe injuries to the pelvis, right pneumothorax, Bladder rupture, Fracture of left Superior and inferior pelvic pubic rami, fractured fibula. R2,743 585-25
    M M Kgalane 6002/2013 Fractured right leg and left Ankle R2,633 026-95
    F van Vuuren 15325/13 Ruptured of his spleen, injuries to the pelvis, legs and chest, Injury to sternum and ribs and injury to left shoulder. R2,217 252-15
    S Philemon 6549/2013 Severe head injuries, severe injury to cervical spine, severe injuries to chest. R4,822 450-80
    F Chikuse 36907/13 Injuries to the left hip and injuries to the head. R4,217 836-12
    J J Basson 36910/13 Fractured right and left clavicle, fractured left ankle, fractured right patella, injuries to back and head R1,777 240-00
    P W Potgieter 36254/13 Broken pelvis, fractures to legs and toes, injury to head. R1,499 146-00
    D C Klynsmith 60993/2013 Severe Injuries to right knee. R2,075 226-00
  • 2012 Settlements
    Client/RAF Case Number Injuries Amount
    S Henrico 57610/2012 Injuries to both hands; facial injuries; left tibia plateau fracture; Torn left knee ligaments; Distal right radius fracture; a fracture of the baser of the left metacarpal bone; Deep submental laceration R1,047 949-10
    KCE Roberts 21153/2012 Below knee - Amputation of the left leg; Massive degloving injuries of right forearm and right thigh; left ankle and left tibia and fibula fractured; Right inferior pubic ramus fracture, left limb "unviable"; Laceration on forehead; Diffuse" wounds and body limbs - bleeding R1,000 000-00
    JM Ndlovu 35975/2012 Severe pelvic injuries; Fairly severe facial abrasions; Head injuries; Injuries to both eyes and ears; fracture of the right first rib. R1,052 060-00
    LP Phago 1676/2012 Fairly severe injuries to both legs. R1,331 894-00
    N Tungamira 16765/2012 Left Tib/fib fracture R1,300 000-00
    T Masina 31260/2012 Severe Spinal Injury R1,000 000-00
    K Malope 36855/2012 Clavicle fracture; Laceration to Lower back; Multiple rib fractures; Severe spinal cord injury R3,000 000-00
    P C Thompson 40452/12 Injuries to lower limbs; multiple facial bone fractures; injury to pelvis; Injuries to upper limbs R2,340 000-00
    J Mnguni 61374/12 Injury to the hand (mangled); injury to right arm (Mangled0; Fractured right radius and ulna; Abrasion on the forehead; Laceration on the right fore-arm. R1,686 716-00
    M L Modisa 2012/52349 Severe Right hip Fracture R1,600 000-00
    H C Theron 43613/12 Severe injuries to the lower limbs, Severe injuries to the lower back, neck injury, injuries complicated by severe pulmonary embolism R1,032 353-00
    K A Mpungose 43615/2012 Severe head injury, Severe chest injuries and Severe injuries to the upper limbs. R1,802 098-00
    A Boyens 54707/12 Injuries to the lower limbs, Fracture of left Ribs, shifted bladder, broken coccyx, injuries to the back. R1,100 000-00
    G N Hlongwane 57779/2012 Fractured Left arm, fractured left leg. R1,317 666-00
  • 2011 Settlements
    Client/RAF Case Number Injuries Amount
    C Dladla obo B Dladla 516/2011 Skull Fracture with contusion R1,783 000-00
    M P Maritz 24391/11 Laceration of Right Hand, Abrasion of Chin, Chest, Right Flank and Lower Abdomen, Dislocation and Fracture of Right Humerus. R1,350 0000-00
    HP Van Heerden 41692/2011 Contusion right upper arm; Superior fracture and dislocation of the hip; Fracture of right patella. R2,246 602-00
    U Botha obo Minors 27691/2011 Loss of support R1,826 794-10
    DP Fourie 38587/2011 Severe neck injury R4,028 848-00
    C D Sibiya 41691/2011 Serious injury to back and spinal cord; Serious injury to lower limbs R1,014 565-00
    M J Groenewald 51971/11 Fracture to right arm, fracture to ribs; Lower back injury R1,152 176-00
    P H DANIELS 50818/11 Head Injury; Neck Injury, fracture to right forearm, chest Injury, Abdomen & Pelvis Injury R1,476 687-24
    FH van Zyl 5665/11 Compound fracture and dislocation of distal tibia/fibula, Fractured right ulna, laceration testicle. R2,818 475-00
    MN Moganedi obo MS Moganedi 60997/2011 Loss of Support. R1,053 047-00
    W J David 66172/2011 Severe bruising on whole body, Severe degloving skin Injury on left forearm, Severe injuries to Upper Limbs, Severe Neck Injury, Loss of use in Right Thumb. R1,681 098-00
    BN Matume 50817/2011 Multiple facial fractures; multiple lacerations to head; Injury to the right leg; Injury to left hand. R3,602 164-00
    T Flier v54012/11 Left Femur fracture; Fairly severe injuries to lower limbs; minor head injuries; minor neck injuries; R1,436 000-00
    S R Tolo 59444/11 Severe chest injury; severe neck injury; Spinal fractures. R3,287 320-00
    NC Harmse 59442/11 Injury to lower limbs; Tib/Fib fracture R1,660 406-00
    W Mchaphazeli 50816/11 Injury to Lower limbs, Traumatic amputation of left arm. R3,465 000-00
    P Mangwane obo B T Mangwane 50820/2011 Severe head injury, loss of consciousness, abrasions to hands, knees and elbows. R1,211 534-03
    CI Jansen van Rensburg 59411/11 Severe neck injury, head injuries, injuries to left knee, fractured nose and teeth. R6,943 559-48
    GJ Jacobs 24407/2011 Soft Tissue Injury on Neck, Abrasion Over Anterior chest wall and radius fracture, Knee injury, Wrist Injury. R1,160 408-00
  • Older settlements
    Client/RAF Case Number Injuries Amount
    CS Mdluli 70289/2009 Loss of Support R1,063 638-61
    CB Burger 38316/08 Minor injury to the head; Severe injury to the chest; Severe injury to the neck; Severe injury to the back; Fairly severe injury to the upper limbs. R1,424 114-00
    TT Phaho 27674/2000 Fracture of femur; injury to hip, Injury to hand R1,152 176-00
    T du Preez 43845/08 Fairly severe whiplash injury to the neck; Fairly severe whiplash injury to the back R1,972 582-73